• 2005 – Present: Building, riding and incremental improvements.
  • December 20 2004 – February 2005 : Bill R. becomes jump park coordinator, responsible for park design, building, and logistics. City of Ashland delivered approximately 50 additional dump truck loads of material. Hand shaping of the first two rows of jumps began.  Warm weather for two weeks at the end of January improved conditions, and provided the first taste of usable jumps for numerous eager riders.  Thanks to Bill for effort above and beyond and providing materials, tools, and supplies at his own expense.
  • Wednesday 12/22/04 : Web site in operation – www.AshlandJumpPark.org. Updates, hosting, and domain name provided by Duncan, photography provided by Alex, at their expense
  • Wednesday 12/15/04 : First phase of earth moving begins (bulldozer, backhoe).
  • November 15 – December 15 2004: First round of material deliveries: 80 dump truck loads (8000+ cubic yards) of clean, high quality material (75% decomposed granite / 20% clay / 5% rock). Provided by City of Ashland , from the hospital expansion project. This manner of ‘disposal’ afforded the city a large cost-savings. Some of this savings will be used to build the jump park.
  • 2004: Permanent site restoration complete. Development of permanent site re-approved by new city leaders. Jump park committee formed to divide work and represent stakeholders. First round of final park planning. Initial plan adopted – A general design with some specifics, developed in phases, subject to restrictions and materials availability. Temporary park will remain open until new park is completed. It will then be bulldozed and left as undeveloped open space.
  • 2004: Restoration of permanent site. Numerous changes in city government. Ashland 30 year recreation plan begins. Transition to permanent location on-hold. Temporary location remains open. Sean D. and others get ball rolling with current parks department.
  • 2000-2003: Water treatment plant construction. Permanent park location in use as a construction area.
  • 2000: Preliminary planning complete. City approval granted. Rules drafted & signs posted. Temporary location opens with hand building. Permanent location identified. Development subject to city availability and water treatment plant project.
  • 1999: Concept of city sanctioned jump park tentatively approved, with conditions. Parks & recreation department will administrate facility. User accepts all liability and city cannot be held liable, by designation of “inherently dangerous activity” (same as skate parks). City-owned lands to be identified. Rules required, similar to skate parks. Construction limitations.
  • 1997-1998: Meetings with Ashland city council, parks & recreation, neighbors. Development of park goals, planning, issues resolution.
  • January 1997: Alex and Duncan begin the Ashland Jump Park project.

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